Sundarban – “The Beautiful Forest”

A Sundarban tour could provide you with once in a lifetime opportunity to be closer to wilderness at its best. Staying in houseboats on the river and wild animal sightings are on the cards. Do not miss a chance!

Sundarban has inspired many a novelists and writers for being abundant, wild, mysterious, and breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, a Sundarban tour attracts tourists not just from India, but abroad too. But is it just like any other tourist destination? Amitav Ghosh, the famous writer weaves obscurity around the home to Royal Bengal Tigers in different words. He says, “There is no prettiness here to invite the stranger in.” So, should you or shouldn’t you….

sundarban the beautiful forest

Sundarban The Beautiful Forest

Mystery of Sundarban

Sundarban is also called the Indian Amazon and it could have got this name after a part of the shooting for the 1997 movie Anaconda was done here! Sundarban is a mysterious land where there are no borders to divide salt water from fresh water. There is no division between the sea and the river. Almost every day the tide reaches more than 200 miles inland disappearing thousands of acres of mangrove forests, only to subside hours later.

A Sundarban package tour could take you to one or just a few of the many islands of the archipelago. The journey from the main city of Kolkata takes around 3 – 4 hours and you will have to cross rivers and water bodies to reach your destination.

What’s on offer?

Most of the tourists come to Sundarban for a face-to-face encounter with the Royal Bengal tiger. While cruising inside the creeks of Sundarban you can indulge in photography or bird watching with your binoculars. The breathtaking view of the river banks while sipping tea or coffee is a favorite activity of many house-boat dwellers. Some try their hands at fishing too!

Wilderness at its best!

On a Sundarban tour, you could enjoy the sightings of the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, which have a small snubbed nose and is a river dweller. The shoreline is lined with the mangrove forest, which invites many species of birds. In fact, the Sundarban is a popular birding destination. Watch a monitor lizard duck under the water as the boat reaches nearby or enjoy the sightings of migratory birds along the shores. Watch carefully and you will notice the crocodiles lying still in the mud. Sometimes, the mud banks of the creeks would turn red with crabs and provide an amazing sight to behold. And, of course! If you are lucky you could watch the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarban is a wildlife haven and it would be the experience of a lifetime to be able to watch the animals and birds in their natural settings.

How to reach?

To reach Sundarban you must contact a reputed tour agency. The agency will take you in its vehicle till Sonakhali. From there you have to cruise the river on boats to reach Sundarban. The boat will sail through Shojnekhali and Peechkhali. The rivers you have to cross are Korotal, Hogol, and Gosaba. The total distance of Sonakhali from Kolkata is around 100 kms

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